A! Coin (ACO)
An open currency that is circulated through the cosplay, anime, and manga markets.
While advancing the cosplay industry, we will also expand the economic sphere of the ACO in the surrounding regions.
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Supported by ACO from fans all over the world
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Issued on public Ethereum block chain
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The ACO will be a versatile payment method for cosplay, anime, and manga.
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AMPLE! Coin serves as a method to allow cosplayers throughout the world to be directly supported by their fans. In addition to fans being able to give cosplayers AMPLE! Coin, cosplayers themselves can use the currency as a means of payment for goods they distributed, participation fees for events they hold, as well as anime and manga goods, etc... According to The Association of Japanese Animation's 2016 data, this is a 1.6 billion dollar market. Through AMPLE! Coin, the cosplayer will become an ambassador for an economy centered around Japanese subculture where cosplayers and their fans can support each other.